NOTE: Starting in August 2023, all subscription stickers will be upgraded to premium matte paper for a sleeker look and superior quality.

Current subscribers will keep their current price. Only new subscribers will be charged the new price. If you re-subscribe after canceling, you will be charged the new price.

What is Krels Happy Mail Subscription?

Monthly you will received a Happy Mail from Krels Creations. Each mail contains lots of functional and cute stickers. You will also receive a mystery washi tape and a monthly freebies. Every month new design and new theme. 

Why subscription?

Our subscriptions saves you money and time from shopping, I know sometimes we don't have a time to seat and scroll for hours just to shop and search. We rather spend our time to some other things like planning/journaling, self-care, spending time with your family etc. But we love stickers and we love opening happy mail so I decided to create this subscription. Before you know it a happy mail is waiting at your doorstep. Just make sure your address is correct so it's not waiting at other's doorstep.😄 

When will I be charged?

You will be charged on the day you subscribe and future billing will be charge on every 1st of the month. 

When will my subscription ship?

Your subscription will be shipped in 3-5 business days after payment or by the 11th of the month. In the event of an unforeseen delay, subscribers will be notified.  

Can I use a coupon on subscription?

Coupon is not allowed. Our subscription is already discounted at 40% off.

How to change my address?

You may change your address by logging in to your account. There you can change and update your informations. If you're not registered yet please email me at as soon as possible. If your mail is already shipped I cannot able to make any changes to it, so please always double check your address.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. No commitment!

Subscriber you must cancel your subscription before the billing date which is 11:59PM CT on the 1st of the month. After this point, your order will ship as scheduled and any cancellations will apply to the following month. 

Log in to your account to cancel, skip or pause your subscription.

Can I purchase more than one subscription?

Yes! you can purchase up to 3 subscription at no extra shipping cost.