Custom Mini Script
Custom Mini Script

Custom Mini Script

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This listing is for ONE sheet of custom mini scripts.

A sheet - will be in all capital letters

B sheet - will be in capital at the first letter and following by small letters

Type your custom script in the box and it must contain one word or phrase only. For example, "planner" or "planner time".

Size & Material:
▪️ White matte or clear matte sticker paper

▪️ Word size is 0.30 inches tall and the length will be depending on the word of choice but the maximum is 1.50 inches. If the word is more than 1.5 inches it may put into two lines.

▪️Sticker sheet size is 4.80"x 7" approx.

▪️ Includes: 1 sheet of sticker per order

▪️ The pictures provided are examples of the sheet.

Thank you!