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Introducing "Our notebook"...

The notebook for your all creativity -draw, take a note, or make a plan.
Your favorite pens will look even better with this notebook! It is filled with 120gsm smooth white paper to make your gel ink or fountain pen appears vibrant. The notebook lies flat when opened to provide a smooth writing experience. The other feature of this notebook is the grid line measurement which is 0.18 inches -so it is aligned with 1.5 inches stickers.

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My name is Kristine, owner, and creator of Krels Creations. Arts and design have always been a part of my life. It helps with my mental health; it keeps me motivated, inspired, and happy. Through my artwork, I hope to also bring you joy, motivation, and inspiration. Feel free to message me if you have any questions! I would love to hear from you. Please help my little shop to grow by leaving a review and tagging us on social media (Instagram or Facebook). Thank you! ♥